Last week, we reported on this bizarre coincidence – Denver Democrat and District Attorney Beth McCann, who refused to prosecute potential assault cases that stemmed from the State Capitol #metoo scandal, was convening a grand jury to address a ginned up charge against Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams for doing his job. That’s the short version anyway. We also pointed out that McCann, who oversees the DA’s office in theory, was a donor to Williams’ general election opponent, Democrat Jena Griswold.

Today, we learned that McCann has given up her quixotic attempt to charge Williams for a misdemeanor for not collecting about $10,000 from an entity that does not exist. Yes, it’s that stupid.

Williams announced the new development through a series of tweets.

This should never have been an investigation – particularly, if McCann refused to investigate shenanigans at the Capitol. It’s right that she dropped it, but she owes Williams an apology.