While the gubernatorial candidates really differentiated themselves in this latest round of fundraising, state treasurer candidates were all within about $10,000 of each other – on both sides of the aisle.

The same is true of financial fitness or cash in the bank. The lowest cash in the bank among gubernatorial candidates was about $11,000 and the highest around $600,000 – a huge spread, but state treasurer candidates are all within about $30,000 of each other in terms of cash on hand. Interestingly, all of the Republican candidates, except for State Rep. Justin Everett, had more in the bank than Democratic candidates.

Don’t feel sorry for Everett, though. Everett has outside money from an entity called JETPAC, which is funded by another outside group run by the Nevilles as well as a large contribution from homebuilder Larry Mizel, no doubt due to Everett’s friendship with Mizel’s staffer.

On the Republican side, Brian Watson has the most cash in the bank with $51,010 and he also raised the most at $8,564. On the Democratic side, State Rep. Dave Young raised almost $11,800, but only has just under $28,000 in the bank.

Without further ado, here are the state treasurer stats:

Brian Watson (R)

Raised: $8,564

Spent: $122,523.22

Cash on Hand: $51,010.24

Polly Lawrence (R)

Raised: $4,550

Spent: $5,254.74

COH: $34,091.12

Justin Everett (R)

Raised: $8,184.99

Spent: $141.04 (seriously?)

COH: $20,477.48

Dave Young (D)

Raised: $11,793

Spent: $909.79

COH: $27,886.79

Bernard Douthit (D)

Raised: $2,570

Spent: $2,583.53

COH: $21,330.66