This week has been chock full of liberal attempts to smear Republicans for joking about accusations against U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh by a woman who waited nearly 40 years to tell her story, which has holes you could drive a bus through and inconsistencies that would make Bill Clinton blush.

Let us be clear: These are serious allegations. Let us be even more clear: These are serious allegations that have been handled by the accusers’ team in an seriously unserious manner.

There are a few Republicans who have made jokes about how unserious the accusers’ team has handled the potential derailment of a Supreme Court Justice nominee. The jokes may not be in good taste, but for Democrats to insist that these folks have sexual harassment training before they come back to the state legislature is massively hypocritical, at best.

To Democrats calling for this, we say – you first.

See, the problem here is that Democrats promoted a known sexual harasser among their ranks to a position of power after they received complaints about his behavior. We’re talking about now-former state Rep. Steve Lebsock and how badly Democratic Speaker Crisanta Duran mishandled the accusations against him. And, let’s not forget Democratic Sen. Dan Kagan and his misadventures in the ladies’ room.

Have Democrats self-policed and sent their leadership to sexual harassment training? Of course not. In fact, KC Becker is now basing her run for leadership on how well she handled the issue (debatable) in contrast to Duran.

Surely, the two Republicans singled out would be happy to join all the Democratic leadership that absolutely botched the handling of such issues in the House and Senate at sexual harassment training.