The Trump administration has busted a Denver VA official for taking bribes from small businesses to rig the bidding process for contracts at local facilities.

Dwane Nevins was busted by undercover FBI agents after he tried to extort $10,000 from them, Colorado Public Radio reports.

Unfortunately, a couple of contractors were also charged with going along with the bribes in the most heinous of fashion in order to get contracts for medical equipment.

The contractors planned to submit fraudulent bids from “service-disabled-veteran-owned small businesses under contract with their consulting company so that federal contracts would be set aside for only those companies,” said Jeff Dorschner, U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman.

It says little for the VA that we’re not at all surprised an employee (allegedly) was on the take and fixing bids.

We have that shinning example of incompetence to blame for their tarnished reputation — also known as the $1.7 billion Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center in Aurora.