The 200 members of Women for Walker gathered this week to meet with the man they want to be governor, and get this — Walker Stapleton showed up late because he was taking his three children to school beforehand.

How about that?

The state treasurer who is campaigning for governor still makes time to take his children to school.

That’s a stark contrast to his opponent Jared Polis, who showed he doesn’t even know how to pack his child’s lunch, laughably revealed in a Polis campaign video.

Women who support Stapleton told Colorado Politics it’s because of his message on families, health care, education, small business and transportation.

Stapleton doesn’t single them out as women or discuss liberal identity politics, because he understands that women are people too, and they need all kinds of health care, own small business, and can’t stand being stuck in traffic every day.

We googled “Women for Polis” and all we could find were articles about the Democrat assaulting a former female staffer, and stories this week about a female Polis staffer getting aggressive with an attendee at the Bernie Sanders event.

And yeah, women who collect a paycheck from Polis also support him.

Polis’s campaign — those same women — declined to comment about Stapleton’s appeal to women voters, Colorado Politics said.