The communications director for Jared Polis is having a rough time in the winding days of the campaign.

Mara Sheldon has come under fire for dismissing Polis’s cry of “fake news” when he was busted for lying about his support for a new carbon tax.

Sheldon claimed Polis was just “trying to be funny” when he calls the media fake, the Colorado Sun reported.

“He, of course, respects reporters and the free press,” she said.

Polis respects them by calling them liars for reporting that Polis openly admitted, on video, that he supports the tax.

And Polis respects the free press and free speech by hiring people like Sheldon to attack those who dare practice it and question the candidate’s fitness for office.

That’s what happened last week when Sheldon interrupted a conversation at the Bernie Sanders rally.

First Sheldon cursed the young man for talking to a woman about The Incident — Polis’s assault on a former female staffer — then Sheldon attacked the man and tried to grab his cell phone.

Another incident, by the way, caught on video.

The Seldon Incident has now prompted calls for her resignation.

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Jeff Hays issued a statement Thursday saying Polis should fire Sheldon.

“Jared Polis’ communications director harassed a citizen exercising his rights in a public space,” GOP chairman Jeff Hays said in a statement.

“When questioned about it, she lied. And other than lying about it to The Denver Post, the Polis campaign has pretended the incident never happened. That’s unconscionable and demonstrates Polis’ unfitness for office.”

Lying seems to run rampant in the Polis campaign. We’re surprised she’s not claiming the attack was just a joke.