After we broke the story that the Colorado State Senate Democrats fired nonpartisan staffer, Effie Ameen, because she was recorded reporting Democratic State Sen. Dan Kagan’s bathroom hi-jinks, Democrats apparently have changed their tune. Of course, that came after former Republican Senate President Kevin Grantham asked the state legislature lawyer to issue a legal opinion on whether the firing was even legal.


That’s can’t be.

Republicans hate women and hate workers. Why would Grantham stand up for a woman worker? (Spoiler alert: because it was the right thing to do.)

As it turns out, firing Ameen was absolutely not legal. Not that Democrats ever let silly things like laws get in the way of their scheming.

Unfortunately, State Senate Democrats cannot get out of their own way. Or, rather, the way of Morgan Carroll, Democratic State Party Chairman. While Democrats attempted to smear the victim in this CPR story, which is disgusting, the truth is that Carroll was simply asking Senate President-elect Leroy Garcia to exact revenge on Ameen for ruining Carroll’s plot to smear Republicans. See, Kagan wasn’t supposed to be guilty. It was all a big misunderstanding. That is, until Ameen had to call the Capitol Police because he wouldn’t stop using the women’s bathroom.

What’s really sick here is that Ameen was doing her job in defense of women who were uncomfortable with Kagan’s intrusion, and Democrats, who desperately want to be the party of women, fired her for it.

Colorado women, never forget that you are expendable if you do not always side with Democrats.  As for Garcia, can we offer some professional advice? Stop taking orders from Morgan Carroll. She’ll never steer you down the right path.