Attention citizens of the People’s Republic of Boulder: Only 20 days remain for the registration of all privately owned guns with the police state.

If you do not comply and an unregistered gun is found in your possession after Dec. 27, you will be forced to pay a $1,000 fine and face 90 days in jail for ignoring the trendy will of The People.

Gun owners must undergo a background check and pay a fee for their constitutional right to own a gun.
We bring you this friendly reminder, because only 85 people in all of Boulder have so far complied with the law passed by the city council in May.

If estimates of more than 100,000 guns in the city holds true, the city is looking at a major windfall of penalty cash to pay for a significant prison population explosion.

Or, a drain on the city coffers from all the lawsuits coming their way.

Stay tuned.