The news story that Michelle Grissom, a teacher from Douglas County School District, attacked an innocent student from Covington Catholic, sharing his personal information on Twitter and, subsequently, attacking his father for defending him. This is crazy stuff. It should come as no surprise that this lady’s Twitter account contained tweets that threatened the President and tweets that were just generally frightening, especially for a teacher.

It’s understandable that parents in the community would have serious concerns about the fact that this woman is teaching children. Last night, parents lined up at the Douglas County School Board meeting to express their deep concern that this teacher was still an employee of the district (although, yes, on leave). Sidebar: It’s interesting to note that while Grissom was on the board of the Douglas County Teachers Association, she resigned yesterday. In other words, the union had more sense than the school board. That’s scary.

Nonetheless, what did the school board do? Sat there, smirked, and removed one parent forcibly.

Here’s the 9News piece on it.

It really shouldn’t need to be said that parents have the right to discuss with their school board the continued employment of a woman who is so obviously unhinged; although, apparently it does given the treatment here. This is literally the definition of violation of free speech. We’d like to say we’re surprised, but given the previous inappropriate behavior of this school board, we’re not.