The state House passed the wildly unpopular Popular Vote scheme last week to give the presidential votes cast by Coloradans to the likes of California and New York.

Polis promised to sign it, and on Thursday we told you how to register your displeasure with Democrats who voted for the measure, and how to contact Polis to voice dissent.

Polis’s response was to get on a plane and split Colorado for a multi excuse purpose Washington, D.C. trip.

He participated in a conference hosted by Beltway media king Politico on Friday where he talk about marijuana.

A federal crackdown, he said, is an “existential threat” to us all.

On Sunday, he was sipping Red Bull and interviewing with the Washington Blade about how great it is to be a gay governor.

A readout from White House activities Monday shows Polis was in the Trumpster’s Big House attending meetings with Republican leaders on how to reduce the price of health care and improving health care.

The White House information was emailed to us, and we presume, the rest of Colorado’s media, but we can’t find any coverage of Polis’s trip or whether he attended a governor’s ball later that evening with Trump, where we’re pretty certain blue tennis shoes was not the theme.

Tuesday morning he was back in Colorado reading a book to kindergarten children about courage.

At some point, Polis has to return to his duties and governor and make a decision on this contentious issue.

He’s had plenty of time to wade through all the messages and phone calls voicing opposition. It’s time the governor get back to governing.