A dozen Republican U.S. senators voted against President Trump’s national emergency declaration order to fund a southern border wall, handing Democrats a rebuke of the president.

However, the defection appears to fall just short of a victory, as the president has vowed to veto the Democrats’ measure.

Democrats were gleeful over the temporary win and are eagerly anticipating Republicans will turn on each other.

Meanwhile, Gardner is standing firm on his position and his reasoning for voting against the Democrats’ rebuke.

It’s mostly liberals who are criticizing Gardner’s vote, like the Denver Post, which now says their endorsement of Gardner for Senate was a mistake. Like they haven’t been looking for an excuse for some time now to say that.

Colorado’s junior Senator Michael Bennet managed to take a break from the Democratic presidential campaign trail to vote against the Republican president.

The real question is, will the vote be a dealbreaker with the voters? Numerous polls show Colorado Republicans support a stronger border. It’s obvious Gardner voted his conscience, and what his supporters expected and demanded.

We think Gardner made the right decision.