Leroy Garcia, state Senate president

State Senate Republicans scored a victory for the state’s constitution in Denver District Court this week with a preliminary injection against Democrats so drunk with power they’re rushing through bills like they could face recall elections at any moment.


The court order means no more computers to speed read bills.

That’s the tactics Democrats were using to beat back a GOP effort to get a grip on this year’s manic session in order to deliberate on the flurry of disastrous legislation Dems are sending up to Gov. Polis to sign into laws.

“Using multiple computers to read simultaneously different portions of a bill, any bill, at 650 words per minute is not within legitimate limits,” Judge David Goldberg wrote. “The Court was unable to discern a single word from the tape played during the court proceeding. To ‘read’ the bill, which is a constitutional requisite, in such a manner renders it a nullity.”

We agree, and applaud the courts for rescuing our constitution from the brutal trampling by Democrats.

State Senate President Leroy Garcia responded to the court order like a teenager stomping their foot and screaming “Fine! I won’t break the law anymore!”

But the lives of millions of Coloradans will be ground to a halt because he can no longer use computers to cheat at his job, or something like that, Garcia added.