We don’t often get letters (like, never), but this reader is pretty adament about their positions, and there’s no way a letter like this would ever see the light of day in a regular newspaper. It’s too anti-liberal and way too long-winded — about 1,500 words — three times the length allowed.

We did have to edit for brevity, and did so carefully so as not to change the author’s intent. But we did take out the recitations of the Constitution, PeakNation should know that by heart.

The author is Christine A. Martinez, a Colorado resident and Air Force veteran.

Dear Colorado Peak Politics,

I just read your article: ‘It’s Raining Recalls: Gov. Polis is Now the Target.’ 

First, let me say thank you for your support in our success.

Second, while Gov. Jared Polis is the subject of the latest grassroots movement to recall him from office, the last two months (his inauguration was January 8, 2019, and this is March 21, 2019, so a little over two months plus one week, not the three months your contributor inaccurately wrote) since Gov. Polis took office, has been no “honeymoon” for many Coloradans.

Many of us were never enamored of him in the first place; we don’t believe in his extreme left liberal/progressive agenda, and we have become angry as issue after issue, he ignores the will of Coloradans.

When Polis isn’t too busy ignoring us, he’s busy opposing us, and votes along his political agenda. It’s been one insult and injury after another: Coloradans emphatically voted against Proposition 112 (oil and gas-drilling setbacks) last year.

What did Governor Polis do?

At some point, either before or since the election, he invested a quarter of a million dollars in Canadian oil & gas, and is now in the process of shutting down Coloradan oil & gas in Adams County which threatens the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Colorado constituents, their families, their futures. Along with employees of the oil & gas business, there are the associated businesses that will also suffer; construction, and manufacturing, and the people in those businesses. In shutting down Colorado oil & gas, Polis forces Coloradans who rely on it for their homes, businesses, and schools, to pay for those resources from sources outside the state, if not outside the U.S.

I may be showing my age here, but in my day, this was called fiduciary abuse, similar to the Stock Exchange Commission’s illegal trading. Polis is supposed to be a trusted steward of the State of Colorado, and all her constituents.  We are shareholders in the sense that we all hold a share of the responsibility for the well-being of the state, and her economic survival. We must be invested in Colorado’s survival, if we are to be concerned with our own survival. In any case, we, the people, are certainly beneficiaries of the governor of Colorado, as what he does or doesn’t do impacts us. So in that sense, not only is investing in Canadian oil & gas, and then shutting down Coloradan oil & gas unethical, it is also illegal. That is despicable.

Although told for the last almost five years, Denver is not a sanctuary city when it comes to illegal immigrants, the fact is, former Gov. Hickenlooper and his failed policies certainly made Denver and other cities sanctuary cities. Now Polis has been in office for just over two months. He’s had the opportunity to step up, and issue some proclamation (against illegal immigration but hasn’t. The author is disappointed, disenchanted, disgusted and finds it deplorable).

We haven’t even discussed Polis’s viewpoint of the death penalty, but as I’m sure he probably believes another felon in the penal system is another potential vote for him. I fully expect him to genuflect to his far left, liberal, progressive, socialist roots and then stand indignantly to declare the death penalty unconstitutional. Funny how that self-righteous indignation is nowhere to be seen or heard when it comes to the pure infanticide of abortion.

Currently, we are waiting with bated breath to learn of the disastrous and dangerous House Bill 19-1177, the Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) bill that Colorado legislators are attempting to yoke Coloradans with in an effort to disarm us.

Representatives from the state House are replying to constituents with declarations that the bill is constitutional. I don’t know what Constitution they’ve been reading or what they’ve been smoking in chambers, but I assure you the U.S. Constitution trumps the state Constitution and guarantees absolute rights, specifically the 2nd Amendment.

I fully expect Governor Polis to disregard the will of the people, continue to overreach his office, and override the voices of the majority of  Coloradans, and sign HB 19-1177.

It is well-known and commonly understood the Bill of Rights afforded all U.S. citizens the God-given, and inalienable rights described in the Declaration of Independence.

I, and many thousands of similarly minded, patriotic, and liberty-loving, constitutional-protecting constituents of Colorado emphatically reject Polis’s policies and programs, and say: No, you will not infringe on our rights.

Consider our relationship dissolved, and the divorce now complete.