So much for the national Democratic Party staying out of Colorado politics and mucking with their own primaries to fix the election before voters even get a say.

Liberal party leaders insisted they were staying out of the free-for-all among Democrats, who are battling it out to take on Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in the General Election next year.

And yet, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer has already met with Secretary of State Jena Griswold and state Sen. Angela Williams, who are both considering a run.

And now the leftist media are turning on their own, ratting out the Democrat Party for slamming the welcome wagon door right smack in the face of Stephany Rose Spaulding, who has already declared her candidacy.

Not only that, but MSNBC reporter Chris Jansing has exposed the reason why — Democrats, especially Colorado Democrats, are racist.

“What do people say to you?” Jansing asked.

“‘You know where you’re running?’ And I’m like, yes. ‘Do you know that you’re black? Every day,’” Spaulding said.

Jansing appeared to be surprised by Spaulding’s response.

“The national Democrats have questioned you running as a black woman?” Jansing asked.

“Yes,” Spaulding said. “Especially in Colorado.”

Here’s the full clip.

Spaulding was the lone Democrat to challenge U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn for his 5th District congressional seat last year.

Not surprisingly, the professor of women’s and ethnic studies at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, lost with 39% of the vote in the heavily Republican district.

How will she fare in a statewide race? According to MSNBC, she’s one of the black women candidates who could shake up the 2020 vote.