State Rep. Donald Valdez (D-WhoKnows) has announced he’s running against Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, and there’s a pretty good chance he actually lives in the 3rd Congressional District he wishes to serve.

This would be a step up from what appears to be an ongoing situation with his state Senate seat.

Valdez was rocked by accusations last year that he did not actually live in the San Luis Valley district he serves in the state Senate.

He listed his parents address in La Jara as his residence for political purposes, but listed his wife’s mansion in Pueblo West outside of his district as his home on his marriage license.

Hilarity ensued with silly charges of forgery, apologies to the media, and promises that his wife recently listed the mansion for sale to move in with him and his parents.

According to Google street view, this is where Valdez claims he lives. With his parent.

Right. We would totally give up mansion living, for that.

The problem now, it looks like his wife’s mansion was listed for sale in 2015, and is still up for sale.

Is Valdez running for Congress because he doesn’t actually live in the district he was elected to represent?

Perhaps when the media gets time, they can follow-up on their own story and let us know if the man running for the Democratic nomination was being truthful with his constituents?