Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is being linked to a vast new crop of dark money groups that are spending millions in key states to take control of the Senate from Republicans just so their benefactor can be the boss.

Rocky Mountain Values launched in Colorado in May, and by January had spent more than $1.8 million on ads targeting Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. The group’s executive director, Alvina Vasquez, was political director for Democratic Gov. Jared Polis’s 2018 campaign. Communications director Vanessa Harmoush said the group is “a grassroots organization,” and she did not respond to questions about its donors.

So all those ads trying to manipulate Colorado voters and influence their votes is just so some loudmouth from New York can get a promotion to be in charge of our tax dollars?

This is the same guy who bragged to the media this week he has been spending thousands of dollars on cheesecake.

No, thank you.