The feds haven’t even cut the first coronavirus check and already U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette is scribbling out her wish list for more trillions of taxpayer dollars to collect and redistribute.

She can’t even wait a hot minute to see how the first $2.2 trillion helps out before suggesting to her constituents the government might start paying their rent checks as well.

She said that the future bill could provide rent relief also, having heard from many constituents whose landlords were demanding quick payment or instituting rent increases.

By “quick payment” we assume she means “on time.”

Granted, it’s really crappy for anyone to be raising rents right now but it’s not the federal government’s responsibility to start forking over taxpayer dollars for rent checks. 

That’s the whole freaking purpose of those stimulus checks that can total up to $3,400 for a family of four — to pay for expenses like rent. 

Don’t be using those stimulus checks to be buying new cars or skis, or gas money to do stupid stuff like this:

Coloradans are even more prepared than we realized to become a socialist/communist state and they will rat you out.