Some guy in Florida has stolen Gov. Polis’s gig and is dressing as the Grim Reaper to harsh on everyone’s mellow.

Daniel Uhlfelder, a lawyer with absolutely no self-awareness or sense of irony, says he plans to parade up and down the beaches in the Grim getup as a warning to others to stay off the beach.

While Uhlfelder’s main message is to make sure that Floridians know how important it is to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, he also plans to use his Reaper get-up to raise money for Democrats running for federal office.

That’s the money sentence right there. Democrats are using the COVID to scare people into relying on the government to protect and save them, which is what keeps Democrats in power. 

Polis has been totally power tripping and seems to enjoy threatening Coloradans they will die if they don’t stay home and do as he says.

But aren’t so many of these rules starting to look like Kabuki theater?

Parks are sorta kinda closed — you risk getting arrested if caught playing tee-ball with your daughter. 

And for some unexplained bizarre reason, we can no longer drink beer, wine, or champagne in Denver parks until after July 23 “to help stop the spread of COVID-19.”

And yet it’s okay to stand in line with dozens of people to go inside a grocery store that’s being used by hundreds of people a day.

Colorado is turning into the former USSR, the only difference is when communists stood in line to get toilet paper, there was actual toilet paper at the end of the freaking line!

We’re not suggesting a hug fest to protest all of the government’s orders.

But we are seeing very clearly that this virus is prompting a lot of people with even an ounce of power to enact some pretty stupid rules and regulations that will have zero effect on protecting our health. We’re looking at you, Denver Parks and Rec.

And just for the record, we refuse to abide by the one-way traffic aisles grocery stores and Walmart are enacting. We don’t need to go down every freaking aisle, it defeats the purpose of social distancing and clusters all the sheep together. That also keeps us in the store longer than we need to be, so if there are COVID cooties floating about, we’re quadrupling the odds of coming in contact.

And still, no toilet paper.