Over the past few days, Coloradans have exercised their First Amendment rights and voiced their displeasure with those in power who wish to keep Colorado locked down indefinitely.

On Friday, roughly 50 Coloradans showed up to the Tri-County Health Department to protest the unelected bureaucrats who have become drunk with power since the lockdowns started.

These are the same bureaucrats who partnered with Gov. Jared Polis to shut down and punish the owners of C&C Coffee and Kitchen for committing the crime of opening their restaurant and trying to make a living.

And on Sunday, hundreds of Coloradans from across the state traveled to Denver to tell Polis to open up the state and give the economy a chance to recover. There was even a procession of motorcycle-riding protestors who “converged on the Capitol rumbling to OPEN Colorado!”

Instead of punishing people for trying to make a living, Polis, the bureaucrats at the Tri-County Health Department, and the rest of the shut everything down crew should be listening to these protestors who have one simple message: open Colorado so hardworking Coloradans can get back to work and earn a living.