Colorado is still under Gov. Polis’s quarantine-lite orders and businesses struggling to stay afloat, so U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette sees now as the perfect opportunity to insert herself onto the national stage with yet another investigation of President Trump.

This time, the Democrat agenda is to blame the president for everything that went wrong with COVID-19.

Not when Trump restricted travel to China in January because of the virus, or China for failing to alert the entire planet about their virus.

No, everything, including the infected bat itself will soon be Trump’s fault.

DeGette will take up the mantle and carry the Democratic Party through the November presidential election with hearings and subpoenas to criticize the national response as the economy struggles to recover.

A vaccine hasn’t even been developed for the market, yet DeGette’s announcement says she intents to investigate vaccine development and testing efforts. 

We remember back in pandemic olden times (March) when the media told us a vaccine couldn’t possibly be developed sooner than a year and a half. 

Rest assured, Trump will be blamed for not having personally developed the vaccine before Election Day.

This is why people don’t trust government and so many think virus precautions preached by elected officials are political instead of practical.

Shame on DeGette for feeding into that mistrust by taking the pandemic into the political gutter of a congressional investigation.