Failed presidential candidate and former Gov. John Hickenlooper is trying to cancel his own ethics hearing into him accepting private jet trips and limo rides from wealthy donors and “friends.”

Hick’s taxpayer-funded ethics attorney filed a motion Friday saying Hick would refuse to participate in a remote hearing. Instead, Hickenlooper wants to submit his answers in writing, a motion the Independent Ethics Commission has already dismissed.

Hickenlooper’s lawyer previously said it’s not safe to have an in-person hearing, and now is going one step further by refusing to participate in a virtual hearing. Team Hick must be so afraid of what their guy will say that it is worth the blowback the former Gov is getting for this decision.

And in a desperate effort to defend this disastrous PR move, Hickenlooper had his allies use the old “copy and paste the tweets” strategy to distract from the real news of the day.

But we don’t really blame Hick for trying to cancel his hearing. After all, last time Hick used Zoom it was a disaster.