As we covered yesterday, it’s apparently safe to hold protests now as long as you are not protesting Gov. Jared Polis’ “Safer-at-Home” orders.

After staying silent on the planned protest of AFL-CIO union members outside U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s office, the media chose to ignore what they would normally refer to as “the potential dangerous spread of COVID-19” at the protest-turned-riot last night in downtown Denver.

For weeks the media told us every time anyone peacefully protested Polis, they risked spreading COVID-19 and killing more Coloradans. Unlike the left-wing media, we here at Peak Politics always support the right to peacefully protest, but what happened in Denver last night was far from a peaceful protest.

The protest turned violent and protestors were captured on video destroying property and vandalizing the Colorado State Capitol.

The unidentified man smashing windows of the two vehicles seems to be six feet apart from anyone else, but all of the people cheering him on are certainly not adhering to Polis’ public-health guidance regarding social distancing.