As we reported earlier, the state Ethics Commission told John Hickenlooper he cannot use COVID-19 as an excuse to avoid a virtual ethics hearing, and he must testify as to why he thinks it’s ok he was jet-setting across the globe on someone else’s dime.

Hick’s primary opponent, Andrew Romanoff, finally decided to weigh in on the former governor’s ethics troubles. But in classic Romanoff fashion, he wimped out and decided to play nice with the man he is supposed to be waging a campaign against.

Ever since Hickenlooper entered the fray last summer and used the Washington Democrat establishment to force several of his high-profile Democrat primary challengers out of the race, political operatives on both sides of the aisle have been wondering when Romanoff will wake up and finally go after Hick.

Romanoff may think that if he plays nice the Democrat establishment will help him run for another office down the line, but that is a bold strategy seeing as he is setting himself up to lose for the third time in the past decade.

Andrew, if you’re listening, you should know that Democrat party bosses usually aren’t too keen on backing three-time losers, so if you have any hope of actually winning this time, directly challenge Hickenlooper about his mounting ethics scandal and show that you are in this race to win it.