Today, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner released his second TV commercial of the Senate race touting all Gardner has delivered for Colorado.

The ad starts out by highlighting Gardner protecting Colorado’s public lands and then explains how Gardner secured Colorado Springs as the new headquarters for U.S. Space Command.

Gardner’s campaign spokesman released the following statement to accompany the ad: “This week, Coloradans will see two campaign ads side-by-side: Gardner taking action to deliver big wins for the people of Colorado and Hickenlooper spewing nothing but hot air. What’s clear is Gardner delivers major victories for Colorado ⁠— leading the largest public lands conservation bill in decades, bringing Space Command HQ to Colorado, and passing more bills than any other member of the Colorado congressional delegation combined.”

For years, the media has chosen to ignore all Gardner has done for this state so it’s about time Coloradans know the truth.