State Sen. Rob Woodward is calling for an end to King Polis’s never-ending extension of executive emergency powers, which the governor most recently decreed must continue until at least after Election Day on June 30.

Not because Polis suddenly wants to stop the nightly protests and return law and order to the streets of Denver. The Democrat is totally down with anarchy.

Polis just isn’t willing to let go of all those COVID emergency powers even though the legislature has returned to work and is tapping its foot waiting for the balance of power to be restored.

Colorado Politics has Woodward’s letter, which reads:

“ … You have taken the liberty to assert many powers historically reserved to the legislature: amending and suspending statute, spending state money, and much more. Furthermore, some would argue that you have exceeded your executive authority and infringed upon the Liberties of the people of Colorado.”

“Your time is up.”

To no one’s surprise, Democrat senators came up short in offering to support Woodward’s measure to reclaim its role as the representative legislature of the people.