For those of you keeping score at home, the Denver Post seems to think John Hickenlooper can do no wrong in the eyes of the Democrat Party electorate.


If voters don’t care about a candidate’s lack of ethics, then nothing can dissuade them from voting for Andrew Romanoff instead of Hickenlooper for the party’s U.S. Senate nomination in the June 30 election.

The Post may very well be right, Democrats don’t care about a candidate’s ethics. 

But in today’s climate, will Democrat voters be outraged that Hickenlooper knows next to nothing about George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minnesota police officer?

Hickenlooper thinks police shot Floyd and said so during a debate last week.

Will Democrats care the aging baby boomer is so out-of-touch with the Democrat electorate, his response to Black Lives Matter is, “every life matters?”

If liberal party voters who are protesting or supporting the demonstrations against racism and police brutality vote for Hickenlooper over Romanoff, how are we supposed to believe the Democrat Party is serious about these issues?