Failed presidential candidate and struggling Senate candidate John Hickenlooper is in full melt down mode.

As we reported earlier this week, “the old guard of the Democrat Party has called for all hands on deck to bail out their favorite establishment politician,” and now Hickenlooper is following the lead of his bosses in D.C. and launched his own attack against Andrew Romanoff.

Politico reports, “Hickenlooper has finally mentioned Romanoff, his primary opponent, in an ad. The former Colorado governor (and DSCC-backed candidate) took a shot at his opponent. Democratic Gov. ‘Jared Polis just slammed Andrew Romanoff for throwing mud at John Hickenlooper — just like the false Republican attack,’ the ad’s narrator says in the spot.”

For Hickenlooper to go negative and name Romanoff now can only suggest one thing, he is behind in the polls and needs to do everything he can to eek out a victory on primary night. Even Colorado reporters were quick to note this is the first time Hickenlooper has directly attacked Romanoff in paid advertising.

And to prove just how classless Team Hick really is, Hickenlooper launched this attack the same day Romanoff announced he was taking a break from the campaign trail to be with his father who “has suffered a series of strokes and falls.”

We wish Romanoff and his family well during this time and hope Hickenlooper shows more class in the future.