Protective fencing went up around some parts of the Capitol this week to keep vandals out as workers finally started repairing all the damage caused after months of protests.

Some Republicans have shamed Democrat leaders for failing to offer any police protection to stop vandals from slipping through the fence to inflict even more damage to the historic building while repairs are being made.

But instead of adding more protection, the fencing was removed Friday to accommodate Denver protestors who will be rioting this evening in solidarity with anarchists in cities across the U.S. including Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Louisville, Kentucky.

In elementary school parlance, this tactic by the left wingers is known as the double-dog-dare, which is directed at President Trump.

Their plan is to destroy property and threaten lives while double-dog daring Trump to send a police officer (also known as Nazis and Storm Troopers) to stand in their way so they can destroy even more property and injure federal law enforcement officers.

We already know state officials won’t allow our own police to protect us. Gov. Polis and Mayor Hancock have ordered police not to arrest anyone vandalizing the Capitol.

We’re not saying elected officials and their minions are actually coordinating with the rioters to wreck so much violence that it forces Trump’s hand to act in order to protect lives and property.

Wait, that’s exactly what we’re saying.