Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca is spewing hate and vitriol again, this time screaming profanities at Denver Police Officers and calling them “dogs.”

Denver7 obtained copies of police body camera videos during a homeless cleanup Aug. 19 where CdeBaca tried to prevent police officers and other city employees from doing their job:

In the video, CdeBaca can be heard criticizing officers, at one point calling police officers “dogs.”

“They don’t know s–, they do what they’re told. They’re f—ing guard dogs. They’re f—ing guard dogs. They’re just animals like pit bulls, they’re f—ing guard dogs,” CdeBaca is heard saying to the officers.

It’s sadly not surprising CdeBaca treats our men and women in blue this way. These police officers were just doing their job and trying to protect the city employees tasked with cleaning up the homeless camps.

CdeBaca has been known to cause trouble at camp cleanups, to the point where Denver Mayor Hancock admits he can’t reveal his plans, if any, to clean up the mess because of her antics.

Maybe it’s time for CdeBaca to realize defunding the police and her other socialist pipe dream policies aren’t what the people of Colorado want or need.

We are still waiting on Gov. Polis or Senate candidate John Hickenlooper to denounce these disgusting comments, but we aren’t holding our breath because when it comes to calling out the radicals in their own party, Democrats always fall short.