Since Gov. Polis shut out tens of thousands of real Coloradans from attending the Broncos game Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Mile High stands are instead filled with cartoon cutouts of the entire town of “South Park.”

Every character is wearing a face mask as ordered by Polis to prevent the spread of cartoonavirus, or something, except for Stan’s dad, Randy.

Beaten and bruised wearing nothing but his tighty whities, Randy appears to be reviving his role from “The Losing Edge,” in which he is arrested at a Denver baseball game for fighting with another dad.

We thought this was America too, Randy. 

Although the stadium holds 70,000, only 8% of those seats will be filled by real fans.

King Polis declared only 5,700 season ticket holders can attend today’s game. The rest of us peasants will have to watch from home.