U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner has the maturity and graciousness to do his constitutional duty and interview Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to determine if she is qualified to serve.

He met with her Tuesday.

“I am confident that Judge Barrett is a highly qualified jurist who has thought deeply about the Constitution, the role of precedent in judicial interpretation, and the importance of judges following the law as written rather than legislating from the bench,” said the senator, who faces a tough re-election in five weeks.

John Hickenlooper is siding with Democrats who refuse to even meet with her lest they catch her constitutional cooties and remember how to do their jobs.

Hickenlooper’s campaign talking points this week are to criticize Gardner and the U.S. Senate for moving too fast on a process that takes about a month to complete.

Foot-dragging and obstructionism is what Hickenlooper and Democrats do best. 

But this time their motives are far more nefarious. 

Democrats are hatching not-so-secret plans to stack the Supreme Court and strip the next Senate minority party of their ability to filibuster should Democrats win control of the Senate in November.

It’s not enough for Democrats to control the House, Senate and White House, they want to change the law to stack the bench so they can control our constitutionally independent judiciary.

The only procedure standing in their way is the filibuster debate rule.

They’ve already got the media calling it “reform,” because anything that needs reform must be bad even if it’s a simple debate rule designed to protect the minority party in lawmaking.

Hickenlooper says he’s open to eliminating reforming the filibuster.

Joe Biden refused during the debate to answer questions on filibuster “reform” and stacking the court with leftist of liberal jurists in order to see their radical agenda made law.

Instead, Biden lectured the TV camera to go vote.

Have you heard Democrats are advising Biden not to do any more debates?

They have a lot to hide.