The debate on Tuesday between U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper will feature 9News reporters who are so drunk with power they plan to award more time to whichever candidate correctly answers their questions.

This isn’t the first time 9News debate moderators have done everything in their power to make it clear to viewers they are supposed to be the real stars of the Senate debate.

We recently covered Kyle Clark’s desperate call for attention in which he threatened to mute candidates’ microphones so he could be the star.

It appears his sidekick Marshall is jealous of the attention on Clark, so he’s made his own ridiculous proclamation to make sure he gets equal airtime to be an asshole.

Taking away speaking time from a candidate will surely benefit Hickenlooper, because the more that guy is allowed to talk the greater chance he blurts out another Hickenblooper.

Even if Gardner has to take on Clark, Zellinger, and Hickenlooper, we expect he can still wipe the floor with them.