Fresh off her embarrassing and partisan ploy to suppress election results, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold is now putting out misleading information on Colorado ballot returns.

Griswold said Colorado has seen a massive 24-fold increase in turnout compared to the same point in 2016.

What she failed to mention as pointed out by the Colorado Sun, is that in 2016 many voters had not even received their ballots 20 days out from the election.

Combine differences in mail dates with the fact that many Republican voters appear to be holding their ballots to return them in person, and any comparison to 2016 instantly becomes completely foolish.

Why is Griswold putting out bad information on ballot returns that appear to favor Democrats?

Some people seem to have an idea.

Griswold’s desperation for earned media betrays a particularly unsavory interest in higher office, most likely Michael Bennet’s U.S. Senate seat in 2022.

PeakNation™ may remember she hilariously toyed with the idea of jumping in to challenge Gardner merely months after being elected as the Secretary of State.

Since then Griswold has allowed Planned Parenthood to edit an official press release from her office, sent postcards promoting voter registration to dead people, questioned the legitimacy of Colorado’s elections, called her critics sexist, and was been accused by county clerks of politicizing her office.

Maybe this record will be endearing to far-left Democratic primary voters, but Griswold has completely destroyed her credibility with the general public in Colorado.