Friday’s debate between Colorado GOP Chairman Rep. Ken Buck and his congressional opponent Ian McCorkle ended in chaos after Buck challenged McCorkle to return campaign cash he raised with pro ANTIFA militant Kristopher Jacks.

“I hope you’ll give every penny back that you earned in that fundraiser with somebody of this mentality,” Buck said to McCorkle. “This is absolutely disgraceful that the Democrat Party and a candidate running for office in the 4th Congressional District would do something like this.”


But McCorkle, who had already given his closing remarks shot back with questions of his own, and disregarded the moderator’s call for the debate to end.


“I can’t let you continue…because you’ve already had your closing remarks,” the moderator told McCorkle.

According to the Fort Morgan Times, McCorkle, who already delivered his closing statement, created an embarrassing scene shouting at Buck as he walked off the stage with the moderator.

Publisher’s note: Congressman Ken Buck left the debate stage because the debate had ended, as ruled by Moderator Brian Porter, publisher of The Fort Morgan Times. The candidates had agreed to the rules of the debate in advance and were reminded of those rules in a meeting just before the debate began, among those to have no interruptions and that a coin toss would determine order. Democratic challenger Ike McCorkle won the toss and chose to answer first and be given the first closing statement. Closing statements were to include no rebuttal. McCorkle’s interruption of Buck’s closing statement violated the aforementioned rules and with time expired the debate was concluded, and therefore Congressman Buck and the moderator left the stage.

McCorkle’s fundraiser with Jacks was hardly ancient history. It occurred barely a month ago on Sept. 17th.

Jacks sits on the Colorado Democrat Party executive committee, and remains under review by law enforcement for making a series of violent statements to Project Veritas.

Following publication of the undercover videos Jacks was suspended by his employer CenturyLink.

As we reported previously, Jacks and his ANTIFA buddies intend to continue this year’s Peaceful Protests™ in a bid to pressure Biden and control the White House should he win in November.

“Joe Biden is presumably left-wing, and he’s got a functioning signing hand,” Mr. Jacks said. “As long as there’s progressive legislation that comes across his desk, I am confident we can occupy his house. We know where he’ll live, and yeah, he wants to veto Medicare For All? Let him veto it. He’s never leaving that house again without protests.”


Occupying the White House is actually an example of how left-wingers plan to control the Democrat Party and govern America.


Putting Biden in the White House is the first step in their radical revolution.

McCorkle has not responded to Buck’s challenge to return the campaign cash raised with Jacks, nor has McCorkle repudiated Jacks’s call for left-wing violence.