Diane Mitsch Bush, the Democrat candidate running to represent the 3rd Congressional District, is struggling to find support these days so she has trotted out perennial loser Andrew Romanoff to boost her flailing campaign.

Coloradans may remember Romanoff as the guy who has lost two Senate races and a House campaign in the last ten years.

The Romanoff endorsement comes after a few rough weeks for Bush.

This month she has been called out for breaking her promise to refuse money from special interests, for refusing to campaign outside of her basement, and for years of supporting an anti-American and socialist publication.

Although it makes sense that he would endorse Bush, another failure with a history of losing elections, it still should be concerning for 3rd Congressional District voters because Romanoff is as far to the left as they come.

In his most recent failed run for the Senate, Romanoff fully embraced costly far-left proposals like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

Bush has also supported these radical policies, even though she is trying to distance herself from them now.

If Bush actually cared about being an independent voice for the Western Slope, she would disavow Romanoff’s endorsement and the anti-rural policies that her party supports.

Her embrace of Romanoff speaks volumes about where she truly stands.