John Hickenlooper’s campaign spent election eve gleefully tweeting a story about an ad from ESAFund promoting Cory Gardner’s record on conservation.

The ad features a brief shot of what appears to be the Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon.

While that brief bit of B-roll obviously isn’t from Colorado, the Hickenlooper campaign might be interested to learn Gardner’s Great American Outdoors Act actually clears up maintenance backlogs in national parks across the country including the Grand Canyon National Park.

But more importantly, mocking Gardner’s campaign for an ad they had nothing to do with exhibits severe naivety on the part of Democrats.

They may have forgotten Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s Twitter header featured a photo of Yoho National Park in British Columbia for nearly five months after she assumed office.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold is the latest Colorado politico to mistakenly use images of a non-Colorado mountain – a harmless, if somewhat embarrassing, political mishap.


A sharp-eyed Twitter user, Jackson Nock, noted Tuesday that the header photo on Griswold’s personal Twitter account appears to show Cathedral Mountain in British Columbia, not one of Colorado’s many gorgeous peaks. Within the hour, Griswold tweeted, “Guess it’s time for an update!” and changed the photo.


Not only was the photo of Canadian peaks, but the fact it was reversed makes one wonder whether Griswold altered the picture in the hopes no one would actually notice.

Griswold has never been too detail oriented, so it’s not entirely surprising one slipped past her.

What is amusing is that Democrats fail to realize criticizing an ad Gardner had nothing to do with actually makes Griswold look quite a bit worse by comparison.