ANTIFA rioters clashed with police Wednesday night in Denver in a post-election show of hostility against police and solidarity among the socialist left.

According to KDVR there were eight arrests.

Ariel Wolff, 29, disobeying a lawful order

Mark Noonan, 27, engaging in a riot

River Dougherty 25, criminal mischief

Sarah Marreel-Alley, 22, 2nd degree assault on an officer

Rebecca Carter, 29, disobeying a lawful order

Braedon Weart, 22, disobeying a lawful order

Logan Debyle, 23 disobeying a lawful order, fireworks possession

Megan Smith, 28, possession of a prohibited weapon, disobeying a lawful order, obstruction of a street

Evidence recovered at the scene suggests ANTIFA came prepared to yet again provoke another violent confrontation after Lee Keltner was gunned down by 9News security guard Matthew Dolloff several weeks ago.

A handgun, knife, hammer and bear spray were confiscated during the arrests.

The rioters also set a Thin Blue Line American flag ablaze, as well as a Trump campaign flag near Colfax Avenue in Denver.

Police eventually disbursed the rioters with chemical agents.

If anyone thought the prospect of Biden winning might cause the radical left to go home quietly, then you weren’t paying attention to recent warnings from Colorado Democrats like Kristopher Jacks.

As we mentioned yesterday, Jacks inadvertently revealed the far left plans to up their violent game all the way to the White House, regardless of who wins.

Last night’s violence demonstrated he wasn’t kidding around.