Democrats are so predictable, because they have no shame.

We reported Dec. 21 that Democrats who control the state legislature had postponed the new session that was supposed to begin in January by five weeks.

In that report, we prophesied it was because Democrats were refusing to go to work until they could cut in line before more needy Coloradans to get scarce COVID-19 vaccines.

What we said then:

Speaker-elect Alec Garnett of Denver said showing up more than a month late “will allow the bulk of our legislative work to take place when we hope it is safer and more Coloradans will have received the COVID vaccine.”


We’re just going to take a wild guess that means Democrat lawmakers are refusing to show up until they can jump ahead of at-risk Coloradans and health workers to get both doses of the vaccine.

It turns out that by “more Coloradans,” Garnett meant himself and his Democratic caucus.

The Colorado Sun now reports lawmakers will in fact be moving ahead of “hundreds of thousands of others.”

House Speaker Alec Garnett, D-Denver, confirmed that members of the General Assembly are being prioritized. Legislators are expected to receive two doses of a vaccine by Feb. 16, when the lawmaking term is expected to begin in earnest, about two weeks before when the state is hoping to have vaccinated a majority of Coloradans who are 70 and older.


Democrat Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg of Boulder insists lawmakers aren’t taking vaccines away from others that need it more than him.

How he could possibly know that is beyond us.

Colorado only received 416,875 doses, and after administering the second dose to those in the first phase will have less than 42,000 vaccines available.

But according to Fenberg, the other five million people in Colorado don’t need it nearly as badly as he does, because that is how socialized medicine works.

Gov. Polis announced Tuesday the state is changing their priorities to allow those older than 65 to get vaccinated sooner.

“We of course will be adopting our guidance, we’ll be announcing that in a few days,” the governor said. “It’ll take place in a few weeks because we don’t want to squeeze out an 90 year old for a 62 year old.”

Looks like those priorities won’t take effect until the lawmakers get their first shots starting tomorrow.