U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper should be hard at work with the bipartisan group of senators he was asked to join and compose yet another massive spending bill in the name of COVID-19.

But instead, he’s tweeting pictures of his dog. 

Hickenlooper’s dog lives in Colorado. Whereas Hickenlooper is supposed to be working in Washington, D.C.

You get the picture.

Hick was awfully proud to have been chosen for the stimulus “sweet 16” team of Democrat and Republican senators, who proclaimed themselves the chief negotiators between Congress and President Biden.

Since then, (last week) the team seems to have split into just the Republican senators negotiating with Biden, whose $618 billon offer the president rejected.

On Wednesday, Biden tried negotiating with House Democrats. That worked. The House on Wednesday evening passed a budget outline of $1.9 trillion in addition to the $2.9 trillion spent last year for COVID and stimulus plus pork.

Nowhere to be found were Hickenlooper and his Senate Democrat buddies.

That he would be home playing with his dog, or just tweeting old pictures of the pup, makes perfect sense.

This is exactly the slack work ethic we expected from Hick in the Senate.

Maybe when Hick learns Biden plans to restrict who gets the next round of stimulus checks to a new category of Americans he calls The Most Neediest Among Us, the Democrat senator might remember the working class stiffs need just as much help as those who have always existed on the government dime.