Vail State Sen. Kerry Donovan doesn’t even live in the district she’s running to represent in Congress, according to the Denver Post.

Donovan recently announced she is running for the Democrat nomination in the 3rd Congressional District, in what’s already shaping up to be a nasty primary against Gregg Smith of Westcliffe.

The district currently encompasses the Western Slope and Pueblo, however it does not include certain mountain communities like Vail and Summit County.

The state legislator who represents Vail reportedly owns two condos in there, which falls within the 2nd Congressional District represented by Joe Neguse.

Donovan claimed to the Post “her ranch” down valley falls within the 3rd Congressional District. And by her ranch, she means her parents’ ranch near Edwards, which is registered as a business in Vail.

As the Post explains, Donovan doesn’t actually own any property in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

Donovan’s family has owned the Copper Bar Ranch near Edwards for several decades. State records show the business is registered in Vail — in the 2nd District — but located in the 3rd. Eagle County property records show Donovan does not own the ranch or other property in the 3rd District but does own two condos in Vail — the 2nd District. Donovan says she works at the ranch.

Donovan’s opponent Gregg Smith previously took a veiled swipe at Donovan’s residency problems.

“I think you ought to be living in the district you’re running in,” he said. “Frankly, I’d be offended if someone else from outside of our district was trying to (run).”

“It’s no surprise that Donovan isn’t actually from the 3rd Congressional District — her far-left values and record are clearly more aligned with Boulder than anywhere on the Western Slope or southern Colorado,” said state GOP Communications Director Joe Jackson. “I recommend that Kerry look up the word ‘carpetbagger’ because she’ll be hearing it often during this failed venture.”

In addition to being a carpetbagger, Donovan is a scion of one of Vail’s most recognized families which she has fully leveraged to advance her political career.

Her father John Donovan founded Donovan’s Copper Bar before starting Vail’s trash collection service Vail Honeywagon.

In contrast, Rep. Lauren Boebert’s business Shooters Grill in Rifle isn’t something she inherited.

She founded the business with her husband in 2013, which they still fully own and operate, unlike Donovan who allegedly just works at her family ranch.

There is an outside chance Vail could be included in Colorado’s 3rd after redistricting, but as it stands carpetbagger Kerry has even less in common with the Western Slope than anyone could have thought.