U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert isn’t up for reelection for another two years, but the primary fight for the Democrat nomination of the 3rd Congressional District seat is already getting downright nasty.

Democrat state Sen. Kerry Donovan’s campaign announcement was severely upstaged by her opponent, Gregg Smith of Westcliffe.

The Erik Prince associate’s campaign announcement garnered much more attention online from national Democrat influencers than Donovan’s.

Donovan’s ally, Pueblo state Rep. Bri Buentello, unloaded on the media over their coverage of Smith’s rollout.

Buentello accused local press and D.C. Democrat consultants of sexism for allegedly boosting coverage of Smith’s candidacy.

Reporters from the Colorado Sun and Denver Post fired back at the suggestion they were acting as agents of the “patriarchy.”

While it’s always hilarious to see the woke left eat their own, Buentello’s criticism of Smith’s consultants is sure to cause heartburn for several Colorado Democrats.

The “insufferable DC consultants” referenced by Buentello are part of the firm J&Z Strategies.

The firm appears to have been the vendor for DSCC backed independent expenditure groups in multiple Senate races last year, including in Colorado for John Hickenlooper.

While that might not mean anything to insufferable hypocrites like Buentello, perhaps she should pay closer attention.

J&Z Strategies also lists none other than Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia as a client.

Garcia hails from Pueblo along with Buentello, making her criticism of her colleague’s “insufferable DC consultants” more than a little awkward.

It’s also not clear how Donovan feels about her party leader’s vendor working to defeat her in the upcoming primary.

Hopefully that doesn’t cause too much friction.

It would be a real shame if that compromised Democrats’ efforts to hike taxes or put Colorado on the path to government-run healthcare.

Where this drama will end, who knows?

But with two well-funded Democrats gearing up for a nasty primary fight, it isn’t going to abate any time soon.