Republican U.S. Rep. Rep. Lauren Boebert soundly defeated Diane Mitsch Bush for the 3rd Congressional District seat in 2020, largely because of the Democrat’s avowed support for the Green New Deal.

Now it appears Democrats will try again in 2022 with another Green New Deal supporter.

State Sen. Kerry Donovan filed Wednesday to run against Boebert.

Donovan enters a growing Democrat primary field with solid far-left credentials that could help her in the upcoming primary.

Vail’s senator supported the controversial Red Flag gun legislation, and backed Elizabeth Warren for president in 2020.

Warren of course ran on the Green New Deal and pledged to “ban fracking everywhere.”

Donovan also expressed some support for the Green New Deal recently, suggesting it could “be helpful” for Western Colorado energy communities if implemented thoughtfully.

“Kerry Donovan is simply a knockoff version of Elizabeth Warren, the candidate she endorsed for president. Donovan’s support for Warren and her far-left policies would guarantee that hardworking families would see their taxes increase and ensure the Democrats’ anti-energy, job destroying Green New Deal would finally become law,” Colorado GOP Communications Director Joe Jackson said in a statement. 

We have reported at length on the horrendous toll new fracking restrictions would have on the Western Slope, where most energy development occurs on federal land.

According to a recent study, Biden’s federal land leasing moratorium threatens nearly 3,000 jobs in Colorado this year alone.

The Green New Deal also called for reducing meat consumption through new taxation and eliminating subsidies for farmers who produce meat and dairy, which is a bit ironic considering Donovan has attempted to brand herself as a rancher.

Donovan manages family property down valley from Vail that raises a special premium breed of cattle known as Scottish Highlands.

Luckily for Donovan, liberal elitists in the Vail Valley aren’t known for being especially price sensitive when it comes to ordering fine steaks.

Donovan’s statement of candidacy comes on the heels of another candidate, Gregg Smith of Westcliffe, whose announcement went viral after he entered the 3rd Congressional District primary last week.

Smith is a no-namer and potentially a carpet bagger, but also appears to be independently wealthy and a capable fundraiser.

The former consultant bragged about his connections to celebrities in an interview with 9News.

Smith said he doesn’t know the celebrities who shared his post, but knows people who know them.

“I know friends of theirs, so I’m one off from them,” Smith said.

It remains to be seen how liberal activists will react to Smith’s career as a close associate of Blackwater founder Erik Prince.

Smith said that Erik Prince — the owner of Blackwater — was a “friend of mine” for 20 years, and that the two founded a “Pan-African logistics business” together in 2013 before they had a falling out.

“I found out, as we were doing business, that Erik was actually weaponizing aircraft behind my back,” Smith said. “I thought it was possibly illegal, certainly inappropriate.”


Prince, who founded Blackwater, is former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ brother. Four security guards for the private security firm were serving jail sentences for killing 14 civilians in Baghdad in 2007, but they have been pardoned by former President Donald Trump.

One remaining factor is what the 3rd Congressional District will look like after redistricting, and whether Westcliffe and Vail will remain in the district.

Either way Republicans seem optimistic Donovan’s and Smith’s entrance into the race have the makings of a potentially bloody and destructive primary.

State Rep. Dylan Roberts, a close ally of Donovan, also refused to rule out in a run after learning of his colleague’s announcement.

“We look forward to beating Senator Donovan in the general election, if she manages to get that far,” said Jackson.