We reported Monday Gov. Polis was planning to bribe Coloradans with a million dollar lottery drawing for those who took COVID-19 shots, and surmised officials would somehow use the state’s vaccination registry to determine who was eligible.

Restricting a lottery to only those who comply with government orders repeated pleas to get vaccinated evokes dystopian messages from literary classics like “The Lottery,” we noted.

And more recently, “The Hunger Games” with its famous line, “May the odds be ever in your favor,” we wrote.

Just so we’re clear, any comparison of Polis’s lottery to the lottery in the Hunger Games can in no way be discerned as a compliment, and we certainly did not mean for it to be one.

And yet that idiot had this to say when he announced the lottery the following day, and the state confirmed they will be using our medical records for the game.

“This is $1 million, cash on the barrel you can use today,” said Polis, who was visibly excited announcing the program. “Buy a new home, take that vacation, take six months off. Do whatever you like, $1 million goes a long way.”


He then quoted the movie “The Hunger Games,” though he intended the quote in a more positive way than the dystopian, fight-to-the-death film.


“May the odds be forever in your favor, Colorado,” he said.

We’re not sure which is more stunningly stupid — that Polis actually said it, or that Colorado Politics tried to propagandize his quote and claim he probably meant it in a more positive manner than the lottery to fight-to-the-death portrayed in the book.

And The Hunger Games was a book, just FYI.

The lottery will cost $5 million. Polis is taking that money from COVID relief funding paid for by federal taxpayers.

The money is intended for media and publicity to encourage those who haven’t been vaccinated to embrace gambling, apparently.