If you haven’t heard, you paid more in taxes than Gov. Polis, who paid zero, from 2013 to 2015.

That’s according to a new ProPublica report blasting Polis’s tight-fisted, tax-withholding ways that everyone, even liberals are talking about.

Adding insult to arrogance, the report from this left-leaning publication also revealed how the millionaire used his charity foundations to keep his taxes low while also promoting himself shamelessly leading up to the governor’s race.

As we reported Thursday, Polis is a selfish, rich brat who doesn’t care so much about the needy as his own political ambitions.

Not being a one-trick pony, and without a hint of shame, the governor’s office is now demanding the Democrat-controlled legislature hire more communications staffers for him at a cost of nearly $300,000 a year.

Polis wants four more staffers because he’s going into an election year, and instead of paying for it out of his campaign, he’s making taxpayers foot the bill.

The Colorado Sun reports this explanation came with the governor’s budget request:

“Without the additional capacity, the Governor’s Office will struggle to provide this information to meet Coloradans’ justifiably high standards, and transparency and accountability will be difficult to ensure,” the request says.

What Polis is threatening here, is to withhold information, lie and cover-up to Coloradans, unless the legislature gives him what he wants — a PR team to help him win reelection.

The voters of Colorado are tired of being lied to, and they’re sick and tired of Polis’s threats.

Put it on a bumper sticker so you don’t forget: Threats and lies for you, in 2022? Vote Polis.