Democrat U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper has based his entire political persona on the premise he is Mr. Bipartisan and can get anything achieved simply by reaching across the aisle to Republicans.

Ironically, so has President Biden, who seemed confused during Wednesday’s press conference as to why his so-called “Voters Rights Act” that makes voter fraud easier by eliminating ID requirements would be so unpopular as to fail in the U.S. Senate.

Asked why he didn’t even reach out to Republicans about the bill before calling them all racists, Biden responded:

“I was trying to make sure we got everybody on the same page in my party.”

In other words, he was too busy being partisan.

Since Biden couldn’t be bothered to reach out to Republican senators, Hickenlooper took it upon himself to make this video mocking and insulting lawmakers who oppose, for good reason, giving the federal government autonomous control over every election in America. 

If this is what passes for bipartisanship when Democrats are in control, no wonder they can’t get anything done.

Instead of Hickenlooper acting like a smart ass, Democrats might want to try another tactic in their pursuit of bipartisanship, like proposing legitimate legislation.

Polls show that voters overwhelmingly support voter ID rules by as much as 80%.

This bill has nothing to do with voter rights, it’s about making it easier to commit voter fraud by eliminating any ID requirement and creating chaos at the polls.