Denver District Attorney Beth McCann has decided to drop murder charges against the unlicensed security guard hired by 9News who shot and killed Lee Keltner in 2020 during a conservative political rally.

Why? Because prosecutors don’t think they can do their job and prove Matthew Dolloff did not act in self defense.

PeakNation™ will remember that during an argument that broke out between the 9News team and conservator protestor at Denver’s Civic Center, the protestor showered pepper spray, the security guard returned fire with a gun and killed him.

The Denver Post reports the second-degree murder charges will be dropped during a March 21 pre-trial conference ahead of the jury trial that was set for April.

Reaction to McCann’s decision can best described as, WTF?! 

No, seriously, WTFF?!

We knew Democrats had gone belly-up on crime, but this borders on absurdity.

Denver’s District Attorney, PeakNation™ will also remember, has been leading the charge on the left’s soft on crime efforts by releasing criminals on little or no bond.

She refused to investigate complaints of sexual misconduct by members of the state Senate.

Then there was the time McCann tried to offer access to her Crime Scene Investigative unit to raise money for Denver Democrats. 

McCann’s husband, Christopher Linsmayer, also had his own brush with the law for which he spent not a day in jail, for multiple counts of arson near their Kremmling property in October of 2020.

Linsmayer was also suspected of unintentionally starting a 10-acre wildfire near Kremmling in 2016 after violating a burn ordinance, an incident in which a dozen homes were evacuated. 

But we digress.

Keltner’s sister, Suzan Keltner, told The Steffan Tubbs Show on 710 KNUS:

“It didn’t matter what we said to the DA, they were not going to change their mind. They were not going to prosecute this case.”


“They explained to me that because my brother went toward them to tell them to get the camera out of his face, and because my brother slapped him open-handed, he had the right to feel fearful for his life,” Keltner said.

Denver has truly returned to the days of the wild, wild west, where a man can justifiably be shot dead for slapping someone’s face during a political disagreement.

Seriously though, WTF?