Memo to the masses: Those so-called Colorado Cashback rebates that Dear Leader Gov. Polis and his Democrat minions are bragging about awarding you during this contentious election season are actually the TABOR refunds you get every year.


Democrats despise the Taxpayer Bill of Rights in normal, non-election times, because they would rather spend your hard-earned tax dollars on pet progressive projects and getting themselves reelected.

Like Polis’s big ploy this week in announcing your tax dollars (that you won’t get back) will be used to keep swimming pools open a couple of hours later everyday to keep you cool and distracted from the skyrocketing cost of gas, rent, and groceries.


Just as soon as they are reelected, Democrats will revert back to normal operating procedures, which is to pursue every avenue possible to overturn TABOR and stop your tax refunds. So enjoy it while it lasts. You’ll need it for gas money to get to the pool.