Colorado’s progressive media are already doing their part to protect the status quo and help Democrats get reelected by concocting false narratives to portray Republicans as uncaring troglodytes without an ounce of humanity.


How is it Trump’s fault that Colorado has failed throughout its history to ensure that insurance companies sell their product to Hispanics?

Follow this convoluted logic:

Nationally and in Colorado, the share of people without health insurance has long been significantly higher among Hispanics than among non-Hispanic white, Black, or Asian residents. Immigrants lacking legal status and those who have legal residency but whose families have a mixture of immigration statuses make up a large portion of that group. Colorado recently made some of them eligible for health coverage, but advocates who work with immigrants say the state is up against a challenge: undoing the chilling effects of Trump administration policies that inflamed the fears of some, even those who are eligible, that signing up for health insurance could jeopardize their ability — or that of a member of their household — to stay in the country.

It seems racist for the media to always assume Hispanics are illegal residents, but that’s what they meant — non-citizens are afraid to buy health insurance because they apparently don’t trust Gov. Polis and President Biden and fear they will turn them over to Donald Trump.

As for the majority of Colorado Hispanics who are legal citizens but have no insurance, it has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, the article later explains.

The state health department estimates that about 30% of Hispanic adults have no health coverage. That contrasts with the state average of 12% of Colorado adults who don’t have insurance. Most Hispanic Coloradans are citizens or legal residents, but they can face barriers to enrollment, including language and cost.

We could drive a truckload of immigrants through the inconsistencies throughout this report.

The fact is, not everyone thinks they need health insurance. Some don’t want to pay for it, some can’t, even with subsidies, no matter their color or nationality.

It’s not the fault of a political party, or the fault of one man — not even during an election year.

This isn’t the only instance of biased reporting trying to establish a winning narrative for Democrats we’ve seen this cycle.

PeakNation™ will recall back when, uhm, yesterday, we saw the Denver Post playing footsies with U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.

Buckle up political buddies, cause we’re going to be busting this blatant bias all, year, long.