It turns out that phony fly fisherman and sham Coloradan U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet was faking his way through a campaign commercial with an unaffiliated voter who brags that he is not a Democrat.

Bennet was shown carrying the rod, he was shown holding the rod, and for a split second … well, you be the judge of his cast.

Bennet is not an actual fly fisherman, he just played at it, with a one-day fishing license, to tape a political ad.

Now look, no one really believes that Michael Bennet is some avid angler, sneaking away to the nearest river or lake at every opportunity.  But, what does it say about his impression of Coloradans that he actually thought voters would buy such a farce?

Bennet’s campaign confessed to the one-day fishing license, but what we still don’t know is if he qualified to buy the in-state license, or had to by the out-of-state license for tourists because he actually lives in Washington, D.C.

Bennet claims he caught that fish, but we don’t believe that, either.

That pasty white politician only waded into the stream long enough to get video for the commercial and have his picture taken while barely touching a fish the other guy obviously caught.