Taking a page from U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper’s boozy social media posts, a Democrat congressional campaign is now drinking their way into voters’ hearts and livers by hosting Beers with Brittany events.

Democrats think beer makes them look cool and appeal to the common genders, as evidenced by that time Elizabeth Warren drank a beer at home, and thanked her husband for being there with her, drinking a beer, at home.


Hickenlooper spends an awkward among of time on bar stools across Colorado as opposed to town hall meetings with constituents, as we’ve noted on numerous, many, lots of occasions.

Now Brittany is day drinking with her friends to prove she has the meddle to be a congressperson who caucuses with the Democrats.

It seems like a bad idea to advertise a beer campaign event with photos and video of children, but we’ll leave that determination up to child services.